Anna-Lena Tews

Anna-Lena Tews

I believe pregnancy and childbirth are one of the most natural and exciting phases in a woman’s life. My philosophy reflects a holistic approach while providing safe, professional, empowering and woman/whānau orientated care.

I’ve been a Midwife since 2007. Throughout my midwifery career I’ve supported women and their families in all kinds of birthing environments - at home, in birthing centres and in hospitals nationally and internationally.

My 2 years as Charge Midwife in India and South Sudan have not only confirmed my believe in home births but have also taught me immense skills to support you and your family in any circumstance.

Since 2010 I’m a fully trained Maternity Acupuncturist which accompanies alternative treatment options for you. To offer you wholesome care, acupuncture is free of charge for women under my midwifery care.

I'm a proud Mama of two great little kids and live with my family in Hamilton.

Please contact me ONLY if you are planning a home birth or birth centre birth. Thank you!

You are welcome to contact me during working hours on 021 02571730 or email me any time to Please check my website for more details!

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