Julia Harney

Julia Harney

Hello & congratulations on your pregnancy!

I am passionate about supporting the natural process of having a baby for women and their whānau during this special time. I feel lucky to be able to build relationships, and work in partnership to support women on their journeys. It is important to me that you know your options, and have evidence based information so you are prepared and can make the best decisions for you and your family.

My clinic is upstairs at River Ridge Clinics, where we can meet for appointments during your pregnancy on Mondays. I will support your choice of location for labour and birth, at home, local birth centres or in a hospital setting. Once baby is born, I will visit you and baby frequently in the first week, then weekly until up to 6 weeks postnatally at your home.

If you are interested or want to have a chat, please reach out stating when you may be due, what number baby this is for you and where you may like to have your baby to juliaharneymidwife@gmail.com

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