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Bronwyn Fleet

About Me

I chose midwifery as I believe that becoming a parent is a powerful, life-changing experience. I find great joy and satisfaction in assisting families on the journey to welcome their new baby into the world. My midwifery philosophy values education, discussion, kindness, partnership, respect and support for your choices with a strong focus on empowering women to birth in the way that is best for them. I take a small caseload so I have plenty of time to spend with women and families. I see birth as an important life event and a healthy, natural process for well women. Primary midwifery care is the safest and most appropriate model of care for a healthy woman carrying a healthy baby and experiencing a normal pregnancy, labour and birth. However, at times it is recommended that women have input from secondary obstetric services as well and I happily refer to our local maternity team when appropriate. My goal is always to ensure a holistically safe outcome for you and your baby

How to Get Hold of Me

I am currently only providing midwifery care to return clients and families planning to birth at home. If you have planned a home birth but during the course of your pregnancy or in labour we jointly decide that birthing in hospital has become the preferred option, I will continue to provide care in the hospital. If you are unsure about whether a home birth may be the right choice for you, please contact me to discuss. I can provide resources and information that will be helpful for decision making. Return clients planning any kind of birth (home, hospital or elective C-section) - please contact me, I would love to provide your midwifery care once again :) Enquiries can be made by phone, text or email. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I wish you all the best in finding the midwife who is right for you and in your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey ahead :)


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This contact form is for women seeking midwifery services. If you are attempting to reach midwives for research or marketing purposes please contact the New Zealand College of Midwives on (03) 377 2732